Steve McQueen and Twiggy (30th April, 1967)...
{610 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills party for Twiggy hosted by Sonny & Cher owned by Jack and Sally Hanson}

{Priscilla Dean was a silent movie star}

Location of the party hosted by Sonny and Cher:

610 North Beverly Drive...


{Sonny & Cher hosting at Jack and Sally's Hanson house with Dean Martin's son carrying the chairs with Twiggy, Steve McQueen and Neile McQueen with back to the camera}


Twiggy once turned down Steve McQueen to dance with him

Former model Twiggy has revealed that she once rejected the 'Great Escape' star Steve McQueen when he asked her to dance at a party.

Twiggy, 65, recalled she was just a teenage when the late Hollywood star made the proposal,

"At the end of the party we heard the roar of a motorbike that came up onto the lawn. It was Steve McQueen. He said, 'Do you want to dance?' And I said no! I was so shy - it was Steve McQueen!," Twiggy revealed.

Eva Marie Saint

{Pola Negri}

[ The above house seen at 2.10]

"I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher" (1965):


{Sonny, Cher, Twiggy and boyfriend - Justin de Villeneuve}


Pola Negri {silent movie actress} owned the property after Priscilla Dean...
{Pola Negri}


1985-86 was the date of the last recorded property survey before the document you sent was recorded in 2004. Accordingly, the house was demolished sometime between these two dates.

610 was demolished possibly after 1986 (photo in the description attached) and before 1989 (new construction)
 Property Overview - 610 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is a single family home built in 1989.
This property was last sold for $2,500,000 in 1988 and currently has an estimated value of $4,851,900.

[New building built around 1989]





 I was only 17 and a half when Sonny and Cher threw a party for me in LA. Steve McQueen was there and he asked me to dance with him, but I turned him down as I was so shy, she says.






{Steve McQueen behind Twiggy}



{Tony Curtis looking on behind Twiggy}




{American actor Tony Curtis [1925-2010] with his wife, actress Christine Kaufmann}

{Tony Curtis}

{Eva Marie Saint}

{Robert Mitchum}



Swimming pool behind Twiggy as she eats her 'Fish and Chips'...

{Steve McQueen can be seen carrying a chair to left of the photograph with his car in the background}


{Steve McQueen carrying a chair, talking to Twiggy and an unknown important lady - maybe the host's mother?}





Jack Hanson lived at 610, North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills...

Name of the band: THE MERRY GO ROUND




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