Sinead O'Connor...
Died 26th July 2023: Herne Hill, London...



Sinead O'Connor's video post 10 days before her passing:
CLUE of Location:

Higgs Industrial Estate, Herne Hill, London:

Building in the window...



"One of the things that made the death of Sinead O'Connor so profoundly sad was that the news came with a pre-recorded soundtrack. The singer made great music over many years, but the five minutes and 10 seconds of  her version of Princes's song Nothing Compares 2 U are, for more than one generation, the definitive sound of heartbreak."
Nothing Compares 2 U...
The sculpture seen at the end of Sinéad video:
(not direct view available...),2.3915134,3a,15y,15.34h,96.95t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipN4Ul-pXQS4M4U4enL1pnNjuoHPF8RIAHYchU2H!2e10!3e11!!7i7296!8i3648?hl=fr&entry=ttu

but images attached: Père Lachaise cimetery, Paris (not very far from Jim Morrison's grave)


The video with Sinéad was filmed in the Saint Cloud Park,
and the two last images (attached) are two sculptures from the Père Lachaise cemetery (Paris), maybe just added by the video maker,
but Sinéad was not necessary in the cemetery ...
At  the time of her death, Sinead was mom to three living children:

Jake Reynolds, born on 16th June 1987 and shared with first husband (m. 1987-1991), drummer and music producer John Reynolds. Reynolds met O'Connor and recorded her first album: The Lion and The Cobra.

They tied the knot in a Westminster register office in March 1989.

Early/Mid 90's - John Reynolds


Brigidine Roisin Waters (10th March 1996,London), 27 shared with Irish journalist John Waters(Partner: 1995 to 1996)
Following her birth, a long legal custody battle ensued resulting in Waters having custody of his daughter and residing with him in Dalkey.
{Shane Lunny, born 10th March 2004 [Died 7th January 2022, aged 17] shared with Irish folk singer Donal Lunny (Music producer) born 10th March 1947}
Sinead leaving hospital with her third child, Shane Lunny...


Yeshua Bonadio (19th December 2006), 16, shared with Frank Bonadio (Partner: 2006 to early 2007)


READ by Sinead O'Connor (Audio book):
BRAY, IRELAND: Sinead's Home...
Sinead bought the house in the coastal town of Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland in 2007 for just under £1.5 million.

She sold it in 2021 for around £892,000 and had moved back to London where she died in Herne Hill in July 2023 aged 56...
Sinead found peace here:

In the seaside town of Bray in County Wicklow (sold 2021),

the village of Rooskey in County Roscommon (to a house overlooking a lake in the remote Kilglass area of Roscommon, in the centre of Ireland) and

the village of Dalkey in County Dublin (a small cottage in Dalkey, a coastal Dublin suburb that is home to Bono and other celebrities)

Sinead O’Connor found sanctuary from the fame, if not her mental health problems.

Tuesday, 8th August 2023...
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