Most of the film was shot on location in and around Carrolton, Mississippi, but it also features horserace scenes which were filmed at the Disney Ranch in California.

FULL MOVIE - 8 parts:






The Reivers in Neile’s book states that the McQueen's rented a motel in GREENWOOD:


DOWNTOWNER Motel in Greenwood:

“Eleventh St, Highway 49 and 82 By-Pass”...

{Now: Regency Inn & Suites}




Residential base (A) to FILM SET base (B)...







LOCATION - Regency Inn & Suites,-90.2011742,3a,37.5y,355.36h,87.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sa5CvLw1dFnvapO5aA2lduQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656



RED: Same Row of Vegetation/Bushes
YELLOW: Same Road Pattern




Other location:

in Carrollton: House of Miss Virginia Bryan,

burnt in March 1969, after the filming:




Set in 1905, the film follows the exploits of the likable but raffish Boon Hoggenbeck (Steve McQueen), who takes an interest in a new car, a new 1905 Winton Flyer that is the property of a man named Boss (Will Geer), the patriarch of the McCaslin family, who live in the Mississippi area where Boon lives. When the taking of the car first by Boon and then by Ned (Rupert Crosse) (they show themselves to be reivers, or thieves, in the film's start, hence the title) leads to a public brawl, the local magistrate lets them off by a bond that Boss pays on the condition both men stay out of trouble and far away from the car while he is away with family to attend a funeral. That is soon changed by Boon, who takes the car again to go up to Memphis to see his woman Corrie (Sharon Farrell) and talks his young friend Lucius (Mitch Vogel) into going for the ride. Ned stows away as well, but Boon grudgingly allows him to come. Other characters include a horse that loves sardines and races for them, a friendly bordello madam and her amiable employees, and a man with a horse who lives near an impassable sinkhole full of mud for which he charges expensive rates to get both carts and cars through...



Sharon Farrell and Steve McQueen dated from September to November, 1968.“









Had an affair while filming the Reivers, according to Sharon's memoirs. She says the affair continued on and off for years. Actress Sharon Farrell profiles her loves affairs [in her memoir "Sharon Farrell: Hollywood Princess from Sioux City, Iowa"] with some of the greatest known men of our time including Che Guevara, Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen.”

About Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen:
“I read that McQueen brought Bruce Lee with him to the filming location in Carrollton, Mississippi. McQueen apparently clashed with Rydell and wanted him replaced. The picture was released on Christmas Day in 1969 and did disappointing business following McQueen’s hit “Bullitt.” Considering his low opinion of the film, I wondered why McQueen kept the ...”




 (Bruce Lee’s) relationship with Sharon Farrell, his co-star in 1969’s “Marlowe,” resulted in a rivalry with Steve McQueen.

“According to Sharon, who I interviewed, they hooked up and had quite a passionate romance,” said Matthew Polly. “But Bruce was very dedicated to his wife and didn’t want to leave her. And so she ended it. In her next movie, ‘The Reivers,’ she co-starred with Steve McQueen… and she immediately hooked up with him.

"Bruce comes to the set and sees her. They have one last passionate tryst. She then tells him ‘We can’t continue this because I’m with Steve now.’ And Bruce becomes a little heartbroken. He tells her, ‘I understand, he’s a big star. But would you wait for me? I’ll be as big of a star too."

Farrell, who was enamored with Lee’s incredible physique, which he maintained with constant training and raw beef protein shakes, also revealed he “turned me inside out” and was also the love of her life.”


Bonjour Don ,

I just see your very interesting blog about Steve .

I am from France and I am a HUGE fan like you but about Bruce.

I know fore sure Bruce Lee came for around 1 week , on 12th October 1969 to Carrollton to be the personal trainer for Steve.

So my question is : do you have any pictures of that event please ?




Hi Don,

Thierry Drean reached out to me today as well regarding Bruce Lee and McQueen. I checked with a friend :


“I have not seen any photos of McQueen and Bruce Lee on location in Mississippi for ‘The Reivers.’ I doubt McQueen would have wanted anyone to know he was being trained.”


The photos you corralled on your website depicting “The Reivers” are very thorough. Thank you also for the mention of my conversation with Bruce Lee's biographer Matthew Polly. All my very best, Jeremy Robert




Hi Don,
Thanks for your email. As far as I know, and I've seen a ton of Bruce Lee photos, there are none of him during the week he was on the set of the Reivers in Carlton. I certainly looked for them. If someone has any, I'd love to see them.
Matthew Polly author of Bruce Lee: A Life




 At the time Bruce’s wife had just given birth to their second child, a daughter, Shannon, but he walked up to Farrell in the MGM studio parking and charmed her into bed.

Farrell said: ‘He was the first man I had ever been with who had such a beautiful body.

‘Those abs – his muscles were so defined, it was as if they were chiseled. Bruce was the most incredible lover I’ve ever been with. He was just so knowledgeable about a woman’s body’.

The affair was very much on Bruce’s terms and he would say: ‘I’m coming over’ and ‘drag me into the bedroom’, said Farrell, who eventually ended their fling to be with McQueen.

She said: ‘Bruce took me to the moon and back. He just turned me inside out.

‘But he was married and didn’t have a pot to pee in. Steve was successful – he was my protector. I was in lust with Steve, but Bruce was the love of my life’.”

(corner Washington St / Lexington St)
About Carrollton in the book “Bruce Lee: A Life”:
About The Reivers in Sandford book “McQueen The Biography”:

























“Relyea and the mercurial McQueen formed an independent company, Solar Productions, in 1966.

Relyea was executive producer of three Solar films starring McQueen —

the landmark 1968 detective thriller “Bullitt,” 1969’s “The Reivers,”

and 1971’s “Le Mans,” a commercial and critical bust that ended the partnership.“







[Steve McQueen, his wife Neile Adams and producer,

Robert Relyea, during filming of The Reivers, 1969]




{Mitch Vogel, Rupert Crosse, Steve McQueen and Neile Adams at an event held at the Ambassador Hotel for The Reivers,1969}



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