(Closed June 2010: Now known as The Wellesley)

{NEILE MCQUEEN: 24th April to 6th May 2000}

{Booked two nights and Neile's second husband bought me a pizza"}


"It was a cafe / restaurant

Best wishes,
Bruce Marchant
The Reel Poster Gallery"

{1995 to 2000}

"We moved out in 2000"



posed on the LONDON Facebook Group...

CLUE 1...
Now BURGERI in 2022...
CLUE 2...

22 Great Malborough Street


Hi Don,
Yes, this was my first gallery.
Best wishes,


Bruce Marchant
The Reel Poster Gallery






Yes - she signed my McQueen book for me!

I rang her at her hotel the next day ........... I can't quite remember what it was called now, other that it definitely began with the letter "A"

I think it was the Athenaium in Mayfair, having looked at a list of hotels in London that begin with "A".

I wonder if that photo of her is outside her hotel?"

{No! She is walking around the West End...}



11 Knightsbridge...
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