The interior photographs of the Chateau Lornay


(The Bedroom)




  The kitchen area was in the basement of the Chateau and is where meals were prepared for the McQueen family and their guests.



The bathroom design in 1988 appears to be rather basic and may well have been different back in 1970 !!



A dark, narrow corridor lead to the dining room.......... (Toffel,p.233). The medieval dining room (Toffel,p.217) was where the Le Mans film scenes were discussed and analysed during  mealtimes.



The elegant and tranquil setting of the Library was one of the most peaceful parts of the Chateau Lornay.



 The Chateau Lornay has a number of impressive rooms. 




 A big meeting was held in these rooms and it ended with the setting of a shutdown date for the Le Mans film. (Toffel, p.238)





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