The following images show exterior photographs of the Chateau Lornay.


Driving through the Archway, a scree courtyard leads up to the imposing Chateau.


"As soon as Steve pulled out of the driveway, it was clear that this was an accident waiting to happen." (Toffel, p.212)


The Chateau Lornay is where the McQueens lived from June 22, 1970.   (Toffel, p. 210)


Archway viewed from the front door of the Chateau Lornay. A white gate can be seen in the distance.



A close up view of the gate located in the courtyard can be seen through the Archway and was a view the McQueens would see each morning from their bedroom windows.


" A bull and a few cows grazed the fields that faced our bedroom windows."  (Toffel, p.219)


The bedroom is where the McQueens held some of their heated arguments about their marriage. Dramatic stories unfold across the pages of 217 to 245 in Neile McQueen Toffel's memoir book,      " My Husband, My Friend."





Looking out over the wall, just up from the side door of the Chateau, to the fields where Steve McQueen wanted to scramble on his bike when filming was over for the day.




The owners were against such an idea and remain today as open fields.

 "The men had a great time placing cherry bombs in the middle of the cow dung scattered all over the fields in front of the house. They'd light it, then run like mad for cover !" (Toffel,p.232-233)


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