The main reason for setting up this site was the philosophical notion of a "sense of place".....unexplained "place experiences" linked psychologically to the footsteps and the spirit of Steve McQueen.............

This is me with my daughter Chloe Nicole Whistance.

Her middle name is the christian  name of the present owner of the Chateau Lornay, Vire-en-Champagne who we first met on August, 22nd 1988.....discovering this personal hide away was an amazing cocktail of emotions.




              My film collection includes all of the Steve McQueen's films with the half-hour black and white T.V. episode, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents : Man From The South" (CBS) 1/3/60  featuring both Neile and Steve McQueen along with the black and white television show where Steve McQueen played a young man who murders a psychiatrist's wife,  " Studio One : The Defender" (CBS) 2/25/57, 3/4/57 (two-part episode) are priceless images of Steve McQueen's work; along with Neile's first film : "This Could Be The Night" (1957) 

If you would like to purchase these rare films then contact me on my e-mail


          If anyone has any details on how to obtain the 117 episodes of the "Wanted : Dead or Alive"(CBS) T.V. series and the "Human Interest Story" for Alfred Hitchcock Presents (CBS) May 24th 1959  please e-mail  with details.


   On August 22nd, 1988 I visited Le Mans and located the Chateau Lornay, Vire-en-champayne some 30 miles to the south of the historical "24 Hours" town via Neile McQueen Toffel's memoir book, "My Husband, My Friend" (1986). 

I met a local french man who informed me that the owner of the Chateau, Nicole, worked in the town of Le Mans. Nicole had gone to school in England, in the town of Lewes, Sussex and she'd met Steve McQueen when she was a young girl as her parents had given permission for the McQueens to live in their Chateau during the Le Mans filming.

I rang Nicole and she invited me to an evening meal at the small building just down from the Chateau called the Le Moulin. Nicole gave me permission to take exterior and interior photographs of the Chateau Lornay.    


Interestingly, in Neile McQueen Toffel's book she states that they lived alone as a family in the Chateau along with dozens of bats (p.218). Nicole informed me that her family shared the Chateau with the McQueens and that there were no bats !!





For Michael Keyser's book : "A French Kiss with Death." (1999), I provided the photograph on page 339 of the Chateau Lornay with acknowledgements on page 451 and Photography Credits on page 453.  Chad McQueen had viewed all the exterior and interior photographs of the Chateau Lornay I'd sent to his friend, Michael Keyser and they had apparently brought back fond memories of when he was a young boy on location in Le Mans, France.


            Near the end of April 2000, I finally met the talented dancer and singer, Neile McQueen Toffel when she appeared for a fortnight in her London debut at the posh restaurant  " Pizza on the Park," Hyde Park, London. I spoke to Neile and her second husband, Al Toffel during the intervals. When I watched the following nights performance, Al Toffel unexpectedly bought me a superb pizza meal !!

With a card in hand and an e-mail address enclosed, I still await for cyberspace communications........   


       If anyone has Neile's address then I would be most grateful to hear from you, along with any of your own anecdotes and whether you too have visited the Chateau Lornay near Le Mans on your McQueen travels across the country of France.



Chateau Lornay and Hotel Ricordeau...