The Chateau de Segrais...

    In her 1986 book, Neile McQueen Toffel states that they gave up the Chateau Lornay and moved a few miles down the road to the Chateau de Segrais,  ".........a "retirement homethat was run like a hotel." (p.244)

Lee H Katzin, who replaced John Sturges as Director, is put up in the Chateau Segrais on arrival in Le Mans (Our Le Mans, page 170) along with Derek Bell and wife (Pam) with their children Justin and Melanie...


Archway leading into the forecourt of the dramatic Chateau de Segrais.

" I liked it much better than the chateau since the rooms were  airier and brighter, and Steve and I hoped it would spell a new beginning for us."  (Toffel,p.244)

Scenes either side of the front of the Chateau de Segrais.


"A moat surrounding the Chateau was stocked with huge carp, and in the morning when the group gathered for breakfast they'd toss pieces of bread in the water for the fish to gulp down with quite obscene slurping sounds."  (Keyser, p.329)

In Michael Keyser's book : A French Kiss With Death (1999) the author states that the Director, John Sturges, the film crew and the Le Mans racing drivers lived in the Chateau de Segrais. 

          The reason for the transformation of the Chateau into a hotel was because ".......the old folks residing there were summarily shuttled off someplace else."  (Keyser, p.328)

"Almost overnight the old age home had been transformed into a lavish hotel with a full staff including a cordon bleu chef."  (Keyser, p.329).

In February 2007, the Chateau de Segrais was bought by Buddhist Monks and transformed into a meditation center. The website is:  and the link to the meditation center is
The address is Saint-Mars d'Outille 72220 which is EAST of Mulsanne and to the south of Le Mans. Phone number: (33) (0)2 43 87 70 05

  Back in California, Neile filed for divorce in October 1971........................  the world became aware that behind the tranquility of the Chateau Lornay and the Chateau de Segrais...............Le Mans was a cursed picture with a heavy toll in careers and sadly in friendships.............



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The Clinica Santa Rosa is probably now CHRISTUS SANTA ROSA HOSPITAL, a co-operation of four hospitals in the San Antonio, El Paso area.

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